Fee Flexibility
Unlike our larger competitors, we offer flat “fixed-pricing”. This allows ease in budgeting and eliminates any perceived bias during the compensation negotiation process.

We believe in a performance-based payment structure in which we are paid as milestones are achieved in the search process. We do not believe in charging our clients “monthly expense fees”.
Best in Class Research & Processes
Unlike many firms, we believe the person you hire should be the person doing the work. Because of this, our “time to fill” is generally less than half of a traditional retained firm.

Utilizing sophisticated search tools, we create fresh research and name generation for each assignment. We do not rely on databases or job boards.

We use a behaviorally-based interview process that is aligned to the client’s culture and standards.
Deeper and Fewer Client Relationships
As a boutique firm, we have deeper relationships with fewer clients. In addition to more “mind share” and faster time-to-fill, this also means less prohibitive “off-limits” constraints for our clients.